Call for Tender: EU Grant for Social Dialogue and Anticipating Change

The CoESS and UNI Europa project on "Anticipating, Preparing and Managing Change in Private Security Employment" has been officially launched on 1 February 2017, thanks to the EU funds supporting the Social Dialogue.  The project will last until 2018, and requires support from Consultants/Academics.  A report is one the main deliverables, and this would consist in two main parts:

- a first part analysing the nature, magnitude and timing of the change (e.g. demographic, technological, security domain, threat, immigration, etc)

- a second part making recommendations on how to anticipate, prepare and manage the change, with a focus on employment: profiles, skills, training, etc.

Specifications for the tender are available upon request. Please contact Chantal Verlaet, Policy and Communication Officer  or Catherine Piana, Director General 

A new website, a new intranet, a new eNewsletter!  The year 2016 will be placed under the sign of communication.

Members and visitors: do feel free to send us your feedback, so that we can optimize it.

“Acting as the voice of the Security Industry” is the tagline which features on the new CoESS website.  As a result of a survey with members and a thought-process within the Board, a new vision, objective and core values and messages have been defined.

CoESS is preparing itself to work on the future rules for Unmanned Aircraft (so-called “drones”), which are being discussed at European level.  A Project Team has been set up, with experts who will look at the proposed rules and give feedback to the European Aviation Safety Agency, as it will prepare the technical rules during 2016.

The Ambudrone

The “Ambudrone” - whilst the European Commission has presented its aviation package, to also cover so-called “unmanned aircraft”, new applications for these light flying objects are popping up every day. Here’s a short video about the ambudrone in the Netherlands: a medical flying bag transporting resuscitation means, such as a GPS defibrillator, an oxygen mask or a dose of insulin.

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