Germany establishes guards register

To increase transparency and trust in the security industry in Germany, a central guards register will be released by 1 June 2019 for more transparency and secure digital communication with security companies. 

The register will administer and manage information on all German private security guards. Gregor Lehnert, President of the German Federation of Security Companies BDSW, welcomes the idea of the register, as it will contribute in the medium and long term to a reduction in bureaucracy and to significantly faster vetting.

However, the government foresees an extremely short registration phase for security companies to enter employee data of all 267,000 guards in Germany until 30 June 2019. "The short remaining time until the start of the register must be used as effectively as possible in a joint effort by the state and private security industry," says Lehnert.

The guards register was introduced under the Second Act amending the guarding legislation. For the first time, this register covers all 267,000 guards and more than 6,500 security companies. "We hope, as much as the legislator, that the register will bring more transparency about security companies operating on the German market, and a significant reduction in the often far too long duration of the background check of employees," Lehnert concludes.

For more information in German, please visit the website of BDSW.