About CoESS

The actions and positions of CoESS reflect key values and messages:

The core values of CoESS are Quality, Safety, Compliance and Trust.


  • Best value rather than lowest price
  • Responsible employers; professional, well-trained and motivated staff
  • Innovative technology


  • Of the people, assets and organisations
  • Of the employees working for our companies
  • Of society in general, through public-private partnerships


  • Supporting the EU and national governments in developing legislation
  • Fair competition between players
  • Ensuring that providers of private security solutions meet the highest quality criteria


  • Engaging in a constructive and mutually beneficial dialogue with authorities
  • Best practice and ethics
  • Communicating clearly and in a transparent way to members and stakeholders

CoESS brings together 23 national associations in European countries, of which 18 EU Member States.

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