About CoESS

The actions and positions of CoESS reflect key values and messages:

The core values of CoESS are Quality, Safety, Compliance and Trust. The main objective of CoESS is to represent and support the growth of an industry that delivers solutions of high quality and professionalism, focused on the selection and development of qualified staff and technology. 



  • Best value rather than lowest price
  • Responsible employers; professional, well-trained and motivated staff
  • Innovative technology


  • Of the people, assets and organisations
  • Of the employees working for our companies
  • Of society in general, through public-private partnerships


  • Supporting the EU and national governments in developing legislation
  • Fair competition between players
  • Ensuring that providers of private security solutions meet the highest quality criteria


  • Engaging in a constructive and mutually beneficial dialogue with authorities
  • Best practice and ethics
  • Communicating clearly and in a transparent way to members and stakeholders

CoESS brings together 22 national associations in European countries, of which 17 EU Member States.