The CoESS Committees bring together experts from the various areas of activities of the private security industry. 

They operate under the general vision, mission and values of CoESS and are mandated to implement the strategic and operational plans of the Confederation.  They also formulate advice and recommendations to the Board of Directors.

The Committees of CoESS are

  • The Guarding Committee, chaired by Richard Orgard, deals with all matters related to manned guarding in a broad sense.
  • The Cash Management Committee, chaired by Thierry Lebeaux, the Director General of ESTA, deals with all matters related to the transport of valuables, cash-in-transit, cash handling and processing. 
  • The Monitoring and Remote Surveillance Committee, chaired by Wim Bartsoen, deals with all matters related to alarm and CCTV monitoring, monitoring centres, alarm receiving centres (ARCs), data processing, and the integration of technologies overall.
  • The Airport Security Committee, chaired by Friedrich P. Kötter, the representative of ASSA-I, deals with all matters related to airport and aviation security.
  • The Maritime Security Committee, chaired by Johan Ohlsson, deals with all matters related to maritime and port security.
  • The Critical Infrastructure Protection Committee, chaired by Jean-Philippe Bérillon, deals with all matters related to Critical Infrastructure (CI), i.e. the physical assets, networks or organisations, the disruption or disabling of which would cause severe, lasting, damage to social and economic life. They generally include energy, water and food supplies, waste management, key transport networks (e.g. airports and rail interchanges), financial institutions and cash supply, health services and state emergency response organisations.
  • The Social Dialogue Committee, chaired by Eduardo Cobas Urcelay, deals with all matters pertaining to the European Sectoral Social Dialogue for the private security services sector, together with UNI Europa – the European Trade Union Federation for Services.
  • The Cohesion Committee, chaired by Riho Lutter, focuses on new and candidate EU Member States. It discusses the challenges and issues these countries experience and seeks to formulate solutions and recommendations to support the private security industry in those countries.

Further to these Committees, CoESS has also set up 3 project teams, respectively on Standards, on Unmanned Aerial Systems (“drones”), and on Artificial Intelligence.

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EU Committees

CoESS is active in a number of EU Expert Groups, where it brings its specific knowledge and expertise to the stakeholder community, and discusses matters of joint interest.

Social dialogue

Since 1992, the European Trade Union Federation for Services and Skills, UNI Europa, and CoESS are actively involved in the European Sectoral Social Dialogue for the private security services sector.