Position Paper - The European Commission's Proposal for a Directive on the Resilience of Critical Entities

CoESS comments on the European Commission’s Proposal for a Directive on the resilience of critical entities. CoESS welcomes the proposal as an important step towards better Critical Infrastructure Protection in Europe, but calls for further amendments which are in line with the Proposal for a NIS Directive 2 and the Report of the European Parliament's Special Committee on Terrorism - notably regarding the procurement of private security services and the use of European and international Standards for the resilience of Critical Infrastructure.


Overview - COVID-19 Crisis Management Measures of the European Union

This document provides an overview of measures introduced by the European Union to support Member States in dealing with the COVID-19 crisis, which are relevant to the private security sector. This document will be updated once per month and focuses on the coordination of the lifting of contingency measures, economic and financial aid, travel and transport, and crisis management. For a complete overview, please visit the official website of the European Commission. Last Update: 18/02/2021.


Joint Statement - European Services Social Partners - Strengthening Social Dialogue

The European Services’ social partners adopted a joint statement entitled Strengthening sectoral social dialogue in the services industry: The all-important role of social partners in building a resilient Europe.


Joint Statement on the Portuguese EU Council Presidency - CoESS and AES - Paving the way for European recovery and resilience

On the occasion of the Portuguese Presidency of the EU Council, CoESS and the Associação de Empresas de Segurança (AES) have published a Joint Statement, expressing the commitment of the European private security industry to support the Presidency in its efforts to pave the way for a future-oriented and sustainable recovery.


Position Paper - The European Commission’s Proposal for a Directive on adequate Minimum Wages in the EU

CoESS comments on the European Commission’s Proposal for a Directive on adequate Minimum Wages in the EU. As European Sectoral Social Partner for Private Security Services, CoESS has participated in the two previous Social Partner Consultations and objected, like all European employer groups, to any legally binding action on minimum wages at EU-level.


Statement - A coordinated EU approach to the restriction of free movement in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

CoESS calls on EU Member States to rapidly implement the Council Recommendation on a coordinated approach to the restriction of free movement in response to the COVID-19 pandemic (2020/1475), and welcomes the European Commission’s Communication on additional COVID-19 response measures (COM(2020) 687). 


Joint Statement - CoESS and UNI Europa - Tackling undeclared work in the private security sector

In support of the European Campaign for Declared Work led by the European Commission, CoESS and UNI Europa issue a Joint Statement on tackling undeclared work in the private security sector.


Joint Statement to the 10th anniversary of the Multi-sectoral guidelines to tackle third-party violence and harassment related to work

It’s been 10 years that Social Partners from different sectors, including CoESS, signed guidelines on third-party violence. Today, the signatories reaffirm that their sectors continue to address third-party violence and all forms of harassment related to work. To this date, the guidelines remain the only instrument signed by multiple European sectoral Social Dialogue Committees and are considered one of the significant achievements of the European Sectoral Social Dialogue.


Joint Statement - EBSA - Helping Europe to reopen after the COVID-19 pandemic

With this statement, the European Business Services Alliance (EBSA) calls for an open dialogue between the European Commission, services sectors associations and others to pave the way for an economic and social recovery in Europe, building on the role of business services in helping Europe to reopen.


Position Paper - Guidance for the resumption of cruise ship operations in the EU

The European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) has revealed plans to coordinate the development of guidance for the resumption of operations of cruise ships in the EU during the COVID-19 situation. In this document, CoESS provides recommendations from the private security sector.


Gemeinsame Erklärung zur deutschen EU-Ratspräsidentschaft - CoESS und BDSW - Eine resiliente Europäische Union gestalten

Anlässlich der deutschen EU-Ratspräsidentschaft geben die CoESS und ihr deutsches Mitglied, der Bundesverband der Sicherheitswirtschaft (BDSW), eine gemeinsame Erklärung ab, um die europäischen Institutionen und die Deutschland bei den historischen Bemühungen um die Gestaltung einer widerstandsfähigen Europäischen Union zu unterstützen.


Joint Statement on the German EU Council Presidency - CoESS and BDSW - Shaping a resilient European Union

On the occasion of the German Presidency of the EU Council, CoESS and its German member, the Bundesverband der Sicherheitswirtschaft (BDSW), issue a joint statement to support the European Institutions and German EU Council Presidency in the historic effort to shape a resilient European Union.


Position Paper - White Paper on Artificial Intelligence - A European Approach

CoESS welcomes the European Commission’s White Paper on Artificial Intelligence – A European Approach to Excellence and Trust (COM(2020)65). As European representative of the private security industry, in this paper CoESS focuses on the use of AI systems in the domain of security and law enforcement. This position paper accompanies CoESS’ official participation in the European Commission’s public consultation on the White Paper on Artificial Intelligence.


Position Paper - European Social Partner Consultation on Pay Transparency

This position paper is a summary of CoESS' response to the European Commission's Social Partner Consultation concerning binding pay transparency measures at EU-level, following the publication of the European Gender Equality Strategy 2020-2025.


Position Paper - European Commission Communication “Tourism and Transport in 2020 and beyond”

In this position paper, CoESS highly welcomes the Communication and guidelines published by the European Commission, particularly on tourism and transport. As a next step, we must ensure their safe implementation. CoESS believes that this will only be possible with financial support and public-private collaboration, including dialogue with private security.


Joint Statement - EBSA - Good contracting practices in the COVID-19 crisis

The challenges arising from the COVID-19 crisis on the private security sector are exacerbated by bad contracting practices which represent a severe challenge to many companies that are essential for a gradual and safe economic recovery in Europe. On this basis, the European Business Services Alliance, EBSA, calls on European and national authorities to take action and engage with businesses and trade associations to discuss practical, temporary solutions for the business services sectors.


Joint Declaration - CoESS and UNI Europa - Ensuring business continuity and protection of workers in the COVID-19 pandemic

The European Social Partners in Private Security have issued a joint declaration on ensuring business continuity and protection of workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. With a focus on the phase entailing the gradual lifting of containment measures, it recommends on EU and national competent authorities to engage with sectoral social partners in private security on a number of most urgent issues that matter for a safe and secure recovery.


Joint Statement - EBSA - Joint EU Roadmap to lifting coronavirus containment measures

The European Business Services Alliance (EBSA) supports the Joint Roadmap to lifting the containment measures. Based on several economic support packages and the useful recommendations on how to gradually lift containment measures, the EBSA calls on the European Commission to continue supporting with targeted measures the most affected sectors and their ecosystems, under recognition of the essential role that business services play for their economic recovery.


Statement - Call for EU measures towards a safe and secure economic recovery of the tourism and transport sectors

CoESS calls on the EU to provide (1) targeted aid to the tourism and transport sectors; (2) common guidelines that ensure a safe and secure return to freedom of movement and tourism within the Schengen Zone; and (3) better engagement of competent authorities with private security associations to support this process.


Statement - Better recognition of private security for safe and secure economic recovery in the COVID-19 situation

With some European countries gradually lifting containment measures, CoESS takes stock and looks at how we can organise a safe and secure economic recovery that puts the health of citizens first. To support decision-makers in formulating solutions for this new normal, CoESS conducted a survey among national associations about the role of private security in supporting crisis management. 


Statement - Call for pro-active engagement with the Private Security Sector on the COVID-19 situation

Based on CoESS' “Observations and Recommendations on the COVID-19 Situation”, published on 26 March 2020, this statement urges competent authorities in Europe to pro-actively cooperate with private security trade associations 


Statement - Observations and Recommendations on the COVID-19 Situation

CoESS has gathered immediate observations from its members on the implications of the COVID-19 situation on businesses and workers across Europe. As a result, this statement makes suggestions for how to tackle this crisis together.


Position Paper - Possible EU Action related to fair minimum wages

CoESS welcomes the opportunity to participate in the first phase consultation of Social Partners on a possible EU action addressing the challenges related to fair minimum wages, and raises doubts on the legal basis for any binding EU action.


Work Programme - CoESS and UNI Europa - Social Dialogue 2020-2021

CoESS and UNI Europa agreed on a range of matters of priority for the European Sectoral Social Dialogue for Private Security - including skills and education, regulatory affairs and standards, health and safety, as well as digitalisation and the attractiveness of the sector.


Joint Statement - CoESS and UNI Europa - Skills Agenda for Europe

In response to a Social Partner consultation, CoESS and UNI Europa provided recommendations on the update of the Skills Agenda for Europe, which aims to tackle labour shortages and skills mismatches on EU-level.


Position Paper - Evaluation of Council Directive 2008/114 on European Critical Infrastructures

In the light of the European Commission’s Evaluation of Council Directive 2008/114, CoESS calls for a revision of the file and provides policy recommendations that would help to enhance the resilience of Critical Infrastructures in Europe.


Joint Statement - CoESS, ESTA and UNI Europa - The Need to Safeguard Cash

The Social Partners CoESS, ESTA and UNI Europa signed a Joint Declaration on the need to safeguard cash and call on the European Union to strictly enforce the legal tender status of cash.


Position Paper - European Business Services Alliance - Best Practices for Buying Social in the EU

The European Business Services Alliance (EBSA), representing providers of business services within a wide variety of sectors including CoESS, calls on the European Commission to ensure respect for social standards in the public procurement of services within the foreseen update of the "EU Buying Social Guide".


Position Paper - European Employers Joint Statement - Labour Shortages and Skills Mismatches

BusinessEurope, in cooperation with CoESS and 16 other European employer groups, provides recommendations to the EU on how to address the issue of labour shortages and skills mismatches.


Position Paper - Moving forward together for a more resilient Europe - 10 Recommendations

CoESS – together with its corresponding member ASSA-i – provides 10 recommendations to the EU institutions for the new legislative term.


Position Paper - Practical aspects of the implementation of Reg. (EU) 1025/2012 on European Standardisation

In response to DG GROW, CoESS comments on the European Commission’s efforts to elaborate the Guidance Document on practical aspects of the implementation of Regulation (EU) 1025/2012 on European Standardisation.


Position Paper - Good practices for the protection of public spaces

As a member of the EU Operators Forum, CoESS comments on the Commission non-paper on the Good Practices for the Protection of Public Spaces, to be developed by DG HOME.


Position Paper - European Commission Implementing Regulations on Drones

In the light of the EU Drone Regulation, CoESS raises security concerns about provisions on the open and specific category.


Position Paper - Response to EASA - Opinion 1/2018

In the light of the EU Drone Regulation, CoESS raises security concerns and asks for further information on the development of European Standard Scenarios for the operation of drones.


Position Paper - EASA Notice of Proposed Amendment 2017-05 (A) and (B)

CoESS raises concerns that the EU Drone Regulatory Framework does not sufficiently reflect security challenges.


Position Paper - The use of UA in Private Security

To support the development of Drone Standard Scenarios on EU-level, CoESS presents the currently envisaged uses of UA in the European Private Security Industry.


Position Paper - Study on the Security of European high-speed and international rail services

CoESS comments on the study on options for the Security of European high-speed and international rail services commissioned by DG MOVE and provides recommendations that would enhance rail transport's resilience against current and emerging threats.


Position Paper - European Parliament Report on an Aviation Strategy for Europe

ASSA-i, corresponding member of CoESS, comments on the Draft Parliament Report on an Aviation Strategy for Europe by MEP Pavel Telicka.


Position Paper - Passenger Screening for RoRo Ferries in Europe

CoESS raises security concerns regarding maritime passenger screening, and recommends that the inspections carried out by the Commission in the field of maritime security pay specific attention to the protection of ferry passengers.


Joint Statement - CoESS and UNI Europa - The private security sector in light of the increasing number of refugees in Europe

The Social Partners call for best value procurement of private security services for the protection of refugee housing and clearly established conditions for the provision of these services.


Position Paper - EASA - Proposal to create common rules for operating drones in Europe

CoESS comments EASA’s Proposal to create common rules for operating drones in Europe.

Position Paper

Moving forward together for a more resilient Europe - 10 Recommendations