Statement - Observations and Recommendations on the COVID-19 Situation

CoESS has gathered immediate observations from its members on the implications of the COVID-19 situation on businesses and workers across Europe. As a result, this statement makes suggestions for how to tackle this crisis together.


Position Paper - Possible EU Action related to fair minimum wages

CoESS welcomes the opportunity to participate in the first phase consultation of Social Partners on a possible EU action addressing the challenges related to fair minimum wages, and raises doubts on the legal basis for any binding EU action.


Work Programme - CoESS and UNI Europa - Social Dialogue 2020-2021

CoESS and UNI Europa agreed on a range of matters of priority for the European Sectoral Social Dialogue for Private Security - including skills and education, regulatory affairs and standards, health and safety, as well as digitalisation and the attractiveness of the sector.


Joint Statement - CoESS and UNI Europa - Skills Agenda for Europe

In response to a Social Partner consultation, CoESS and UNI Europa provided recommendations on the update of the Skills Agenda for Europe, which aims to tackle labour shortages and skills mismatches on EU-level.


Position Paper - Evaluation of Council Directive 2008/114 on European Critical Infrastructures

In the light of the European Commission’s Evaluation of Council Directive 2008/114, CoESS calls for a revision of the file and provides policy recommendations that would help to enhance the resilience of Critical Infrastructures in Europe.


Joint Statement - CoESS, ESTA and UNI Europa - The Need to Safeguard Cash

The Social Partners CoESS, ESTA and UNI Europa signed a Joint Declaration on the need to safeguard cash and call on the European Union to strictly enforce the legal tender status of cash.


Position Paper - European Business Services Alliance - Best Practices for Buying Social in the EU

The European Business Services Alliance (EBSA), representing providers of business services within a wide variety of sectors including CoESS, calls on the European Commission to ensure respect for social standards in the public procurement of services within the foreseen update of the "EU Buying Social Guide".


Position Paper - European Employers Joint Statement - Labour Shortages and Skills Mismatches

BusinessEurope, in cooperation with CoESS and 16 other European employer groups, provides recommendations to the EU on how to address the issue of labour shortages and skills mismatches.


Position Paper - Moving forward together for a more resilient Europe - 10 Recommendations

CoESS – together with its corresponding member ASSA-i – provides 10 recommendations to the EU institutions for the new legislative term.


Position Paper - Response to European Data Protection Board - Processing of personal data through video devices

In the light of guaranteeing a lawful balance between the application of GDPR and public security, CoESS comments on the Guidelines 3/2019 on processing of personal data through video devices, developed by the European Data Protection Board.


Position Paper - Practical aspects of the implementation of Reg. (EU) 1025/2012 on European Standardisation

In response to DG GROW, CoESS comments on the European Commission’s efforts to elaborate the Guidance Document on practical aspects of the implementation of Regulation (EU) 1025/2012 on European Standardisation.


Position Paper - Good practices for the protection of public spaces

As a member of the EU Operators Forum, CoESS comments on the Commission non-paper on the Good Practices for the Protection of Public Spaces, to be developed by DG HOME.


Position Paper - European Commission Implementing Regulations on Drones

In the light of the EU Drone Regulation, CoESS raises security concerns about provisions on the open and specific category.


Position Paper - Response to EASA - Opinion 1/2018

In the light of the EU Drone Regulation, CoESS raises security concerns and asks for further information on the development of European Standard Scenarios for the operation of drones.


Position Paper - EASA Notice of Proposed Amendment 2017-05 (A) and (B)

CoESS raises concerns that the EU Drone Regulatory Framework does not sufficiently reflect security challenges.


Position Paper - The use of UA in Private Security

To support the development of Drone Standard Scenarios on EU-level, CoESS presents the currently envisaged uses of UA in the European Private Security Industry.


Position Paper - Study on the Security of European high-speed and international rail services

CoESS comments on the study on options for the Security of European high-speed and international rail services commissioned by DG MOVE and provides recommendations that would enhance rail transport's resilience against current and emerging threats.


Position Paper - European Parliament Report on an Aviation Strategy for Europe

ASSA-i, corresponding member of CoESS, comments on the Draft Parliament Report on an Aviation Strategy for Europe by MEP Pavel Telicka.


Position Paper - Passenger Screening for RoRo Ferries in Europe

CoESS raises security concerns regarding maritime passenger screening, and recommends that the inspections carried out by the Commission in the field of maritime security pay specific attention to the protection of ferry passengers.


Joint Statement - CoESS and UNI Europa - The private security sector in light of the increasing number of refugees in Europe

The Social Partners call for best value procurement of private security services for the protection of refugee housing and clearly established conditions for the provision of these services.


Position Paper - EASA - Proposal to create common rules for operating drones in Europe

CoESS comments EASA’s Proposal to create common rules for operating drones in Europe.

Position Paper

Moving forward together for a more resilient Europe - 10 Recommendations