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15.01.2020The new European Commission takes office: CoESS follows security and social policiesEU AFFAIRS
06.01.2020CoESS calls for a revision of Directive 2008/114 for better CIP across EuropeEU AFFAIRS
19.12.2019Olympic Games 2024 in France: massive recruitment of private security agents "not feasible at this stage" MEMBER NEWS
06.12.2019Quality and consistency: the key to high performing Explosive Detection Dogs EU AFFAIRS
28.11.2019CoESS at BusinessEurope: low-cost procurement and labour shortages put pressure on our sectorEU AFFAIRS
20.11.2019Private security at Milipol: how to implement the “Security Continuum”COESS ACTIVITIES
05.11.2019Social Partners sign Joint Declaration on the need to safeguard cashSOCIAL DIALOGUE
22.10.2019Successful launch of CoESS White Paper on the Security ContinuumCOESS ACTIVITIES
18.10.2019CoESS speaks at EU High-level Counter-UAS ConferenceEU AFFAIRS
16.10.2019European Security Week in Nice – CoESS calls for public-private partnershipsCOESS ACTIVITIES
14.10.2019Fire and Security Industry publish cybersecurity guidelinesCOESS ACTIVITIES
10.10.2019European Security Summit: Dare to make security a collective effortCOESS ACTIVITIES
01.10.2019New European Commission – indicators for an ambitious security policy agendaEU AFFAIRS
25.09.2019Social Day and TalentDays Ruhr: KÖTTER Services counts on soft skills and team playersMEMBER NEWS
12.09.2019Joint Employers Statement on reducing labour shortagesEU AFFAIRS
11.09.2019Join CoESS on LinkedInCOESS ACTIVITIES
10.09.2019CoESS publishes 10 recommendations for the new legislative termEU AFFAIRS
06.09.2019EU publishes Brexit Preparedness Checklist for BusinessesEU AFFAIRS
03.09.2019Kötter Group signs charter for diversity in the workplaceMEMBER NEWS
30.08.2019OSiMa Conference in Berlin on PPPs, best-value procurement and better regulationCOESS ACTIVITIES
30.07.2019Evaluation of Directive 2008/114 on European Critical InfrastructuresEU AFFAIRS
24.07.2019Security Union: Progress Report and Debate in European ParliamentEU AFFAIRS
30.06.2019Europol: EU Terrorist Threat and Tactics have become more complex in 2018SECURITY NEWS
20.06.2019Presentation at Council of Europe: Anticipating Change ProjectCOESS ACTIVITIES
18.06.2019CoESS supports EU “Good practices on the protection of public spaces” and future sector-specific guidanceEU AFFAIRS
17.06.2019CoESS is the only European employers’ organisation representative of the private security servicesSOCIAL DIALOGUE
11.06.2019Social Dialogue discusses event security and disruptors of the private security industrySOCIAL DIALOGUE
05.06.2019SNES and USP merge to « Groupement des Entreprises de Sécurité »MEMBER NEWS
23.05.2019CoESS at Preventica Paris: Need for Quality Standards and Security ContinuumCOESS ACTIVITIES
22.05.2019Germany establishes guards registerMEMBER NEWS
15.05.2019CoESS White Paper on Passenger Ship SecurityCOESS ACTIVITIES
09.05.2019CoESS maritime experts visit Port of AntwerpCOESS ACTIVITIES
07.05.2019French Ministry of Interior and Private Security sign protocolMEMBER NEWS
02.05.2019European social partners call for the creation of a network of safe and secure truck parking areasEU AFFAIRS
23.04.2019CoESS and UNI Europa Social Dialogue meetingSOCIAL DIALOGUE
16.04.2019Directive on Transparent and Predictable Working ConditionsEU AFFAIRS
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