INTEL: High-level webinar on skills intelligence and labour shortages in private security

On 25 November 2021, CoESS and UNI Europa, the EU Sectoral Social Partner in Private Security Services, will host a high-level webinar on “Drivers of Employment Change in the Private Security Services”. The meeting will discuss current labour and skills shortages in the sector, future client expectations towards the “New Security Company” and workers, as well as solutions in sectoral regulation, procurement practices, re- and upskilling, workforce diversity and attraction of new labour – topics that are key for the future sustainability of a sector that provides an essential service to internal security frameworks in EU Member States. Interpretation will be available in EN, FR, DE, and ES. You can register here.

The webinar is the first in a series of meetings that CoESS and UNI Europa jointly organise in the context of their EU-funded project “INTEL: Skills Intelligence for the Private Security Services”.

At the core of the event will not only be the presentation of the results of the first-of-its-kind, EU-wide survey on skills and labour shortages in the sector.

Participants, ranging from Social Partners, companies, training institutes as well as EU and national authorities, will exchange best practices on how to guarantee the future sustainability of the private security sector in times of labour and skills shortages, demographic change, and the digital transformation.

This will include case-studies and good practices in sectoral regulation, procurement practices, re- and upskilling, attracting new labour, and workforce diversity. Discussions will further focus on the anticipation of future skills requirements for the “New Security Company” and the “New Security Worker”. The agenda features presentations from :

  • the European Commission on EU-support in re- and upskilling, skills intelligence and best value procurement;
  • law enforcement and national authorities on best practices in sectoral regulation;
  • operators of Critical Infrastructure and public spaces on future service requirements and expectations to the security industry;
  • Social Partners on perceptions and experiences with skills and labour shortages;
  • private security companies best practice solutions to enhance attractiveness of the sector and workforce diversity.

The webinar features four different sessions, to which participants can register individually:

  • Experiences with labour and skills shortages in the European private security sector
  • Change in Skills Demand – the New Security Company
  • The need for better regulation and best value procurement
  • How to enhance workforce diversity and attractiveness of the sector

Interpretation services will be provided in English, French, German and Spanish.

You can register now via this link