EU Data Act: CoESS sees important improvements in the positions of EU Parliament and Council

In a position paper published today, CoESS congratulates the European Parliament and Council for the highly important improvements tabled to the European Commission proposal for an EU Data Act. In the paper, CoESS highlights key proposals of both institutions, which are recommended to be kept in a final agreement. 

The proposals made by European Parliament and Council largely reflect the recommendations of a joint security industry declaration from October 2022, because they enhance legal certainty for businesses and establish important safeguards for the sharing of security-sensitive data.

CoESS highly welcomes the proposals of both institutions to enhance legal certainty of the proposal in terms of scope and provisions on:

  • The respect of Member State competencies in public security and exclusion of activities or data in areas that fall outside the scope of Union law and notably public security, regardless of the type of entity carrying out the activities or processing the data.
  • Clarification of the definition of “data processing services”.
  • Exclusion of data that is modified by the data holder.
  • Safeguards for the sharing of security-sensitive data.

The position paper can be found here.