Risk of a serious devaluation of European Social Dialogue: European Sectoral Social Partners write joint letter to the European Commission

Together with 32 European Sectoral Social Partners organisations, CoESS expresses today in a letter to European Commission Vice President Valdis Dombrovskis and Commissioner Nicolas Schmit serious concerns regarding the review of the rules on the financing of the European Sectoral Social Dialogue Committees. 

In January 2023, the European Commission published a Communication to further strengthen and promote Social Dialogue with actions at national and EU level. In the context of this publication, the European Commission renews its strong commitment to Social Dialogue as a cornerstone of the EU social market economy and its competitiveness. 

At the same time, a review of the rules on the organisation of the European Sectoral Social Dialogue Committees is announced – a prospect that risks to seriously devaluate Social Dialogue at European level, and stands in stark contrast to the public announcement of the European Commission to strengthen this very Social Dialogue. CoESS has already, together with other Social Partners, criticised this review on multiple occasions over the past years, including direct meetings and workshops with the European Commission.

In times where Social Dialogue plays a crucial role to manage just transitions for European workers and businesses, CoESS strongly urges the Commission, together with the other Social Partners, to come up with new proposals that maintain both logistical and financial support to EU Sectoral Social Dialogue Committees, enhance political support, fully respect social partners’ autonomy and avoid a severe devaluation of European sectoral social dialogue.

The full letter can be found here.