State of Security Berlin 2024: CoESS calls for ambitious transposition of the EU CER Directive

EU Member States have until October 2024 to transpose the EU Directive on the Resilience of Critical Entities - and only few are advanced in their lawmaking process. This is particularly surprising as Europe is facing an unprecedented security challenge, both physical and cyber, to its Critical Infrastructure. At the State of Security 2024 Conference in Berlin, Alexander Frank, Deputy Director General of CoESS, therefore called for an ambitious transposition of the Directive which ensures resilience along the security chain - including mandatory quality control of private security providers.

It’s high time for Member States to transpose the EU CER Directive into national law - the first EU law recommending quality control of security service providers protecting Critical Infrastructure based on the qualification of personnel and Standards (EN 17483). The EU rightly realised that security service personnel is an essential part of the resilience chain of Critical Infrastructure in Europe.

But it’s on EU Member States to now engage with the industry on how to transpose this recommendation ambitiously and establish effective quality control of security service providers. To reiterate that call, Alexander Frank joined CoESS Vice President Friedrich P. Kötter for a highly interesting discussion at the State of Security Conference in Berlin which touched base with key policymakers of the German government and Parliament, the City of Berlin and CI operators on the implications of the EU Directive in Germany.