CoESS joins International Maritime Security Conference in Split

CoESS Croatian Member, the Croatian Security Association, organised the second edition of the International Maritime Security Conference at the University of Split on 09 November. Major topics of discussion were the rising threats against maritime Critical Infrastructure, both cyber and physical, and the role of private security in prevention and protection tasks.

CoESS was invited to contribute to a number of discussions during the event.

Catherine Piana, Director General of CoESS, opened the conference and presented on the risk of Insider Threats in Critical Infrastructure - promoting the help2protect online platform that was developed by CoESS, among others, as part of an EU funding project and shall help operators of Critical Infrastructure set in place Insider Threat Programmes.

Alexander Frank, Head of EU Affairs, presented the recently adopted and updated EU Maritime Security Strategy and Action Plan, as well as new obligations to operators of Critical Infrastructure as part of the EU CER Directive, including measures for quality control of private security services protecting Critical Infrastructure.

Guido Fallentheyn, Member and former Chair of the CoESS Maritime Security Committee, presented the updated European Training Manual for Maritime Security Personnel, developed under his leadership.

A high-level panel discussion, including operators of Critical Infrastructure, was moderated by Johan Ohlsson-Malm, Chair of the CoESS Maritime Security Committee and CoESS Board Member.