Diversity in Security Services: CoESS and UNI Europa adopt Social Partner Statement

Diversity is strength and must be lived by concrete policies that promote equality, inclusion and non-discrimination. The European Sectoral Social Partners in the Security Services, CoESS and UNI Europa, have therefore adopted today a Joint Statement on the Promotion of Diversity, Equality, Inclusion and Non-Discrimination. The negotiations had started during their EU-funded “INTEL” project on labour and skills shortages in the private security services sector, during which both sensed the urge to promote diversity in the industry through various means. The Statement, which was adopted and presented to the European Commission today, identifies different strategies in this regard and encourages national Social Partners to consider these in national Collective Bargaining and Social Dialogue.

The objective of the Joint Statement is to advance the principles of diversity, equality, inclusion, and non-discrimination within the European Private Security Services sector, leveraging the EU Sectoral Social Dialogue. It represents the perspectives of both CoESS and UNI Europa regarding the European Private Security Services industry, while also acknowledging the potential for further development in Social Dialogue and Collective Bargaining, at both the company and national levels, without imposing any limitations.

In the Statement, the European Social Partners in the security services iterate their joint commitment to the following principles in order to raise attractiveness and guide the integration of new workers in private security services:

  • Diversity: an enrichment to our industry, characterized by understanding, accepting,  and acknowledging differences among the workforce.
  • Equality: creating fair access, opportunities, and advancement for all groups of workers.
  • Inclusion: establishing cultures that support diversity and equality within company management and the workforce.
  • Non-discrimination: Treating individuals or groups fairly and equally, without racial discrimination or prejudice based on characteristics like ethnicity, age, religion, gender, sexual identity or disability.

Following these principles, CoESS and UNI Europa promote different Strategies to promote non-discrimination policies and practices, gender equality, staff networks such as for LGBTQIA+ employees, equal pay, work-life balance, and equal opportunities.

The full Joint Statement can be found here.