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CoESS brings together 23 national associations in European countries, of which 18 EU Member States.

The active and associated members are national federations covering a wide range of private security services, located in EU and non-EU member states respectively.

The corresponding members are European or International organisations, which pursue similar goals to CoESS in more specific areas of private security.

The sponsors are corporate entities, which make an additional contribution to CoESS, in order to have sufficient resources for CoESS to operate in all the areas where it is needed.

Finally, company membership is also possible.

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Associated Members


NHO - Confederation of Norwegian Service Industries: Security and guard services



NCPSC - National Commission of Private Security Companies


For additional information on becoming a CoESS member, please contact the CoESS General Secretariat.

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For additional information on becoming a CoESS user of the Members zone, please contact the CoESS General Secretariat

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