CoESS joins the Commission's Railway Platform

CoESS joins the Commission's Railway Platform

CoESS has joined the newly set up Railway Platform, a spin-off of the Landsec expert group, of which CoESS is a member and active contributor. CoESS will also join 2 of the 3 working groups of the platform, respectively on Insider Threat and on Innovation/Technology.

On 13 June 2018, the Commission adopted an Action Plan to improve the security of rail passengers in the EU. It lists a series of actions to be carried out by the Commission and the Member States with a view of increasingrail security in the EU, while keeping European railways accessible and open for passengers, and preventing unnecessary barriers to the internal market.As a first deliverable, the Commission adopted on 29 June 2018 a Decision (2018/C 232/03) setting-up an EU Rail Passenger Security Platform to support the implementation and the monitoring of the action plan.

The Platform, under the responsibility of DG MOVE in close cooperation and coordination with DG HOME, will provide the Commission with advice and expertise on matters relating to the security of rail passengers in train stations and on board trains in the EU.

The Platform will benefit from related work-streams under DG MOVE and DG HOME. This includes in particular actions under the Action Plan to improve the protection of public places and the European Programme for Critical Infrastructure Protection. 

The Platform will meet 3 times a year, and the reports will be circulated to the CoESS Guarding Committee.  

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